Oak-Tree Sanctuary
1990 -2017

70 acres devoted to natural living,
for humans, animals (wild and
domestic), birds a
nd aquatic life.

Located in beautiful
South Dansville New York.
Celebrating 27 years
of living  wild and

The homestead is heated by wood,
 and our electricity comes from the
wind and the sun. We have our own
  well, for us and the animals
 that live here to drink from.
No chemicals added!

We have gardens, a berry patch,
mini vineyard, and a small orchard,
in which we grow food for both
ourselves and the animals.

 In back of the main pasture
is a pond full of fish, frogs,
turtles, and salamanders.
 The pond also provides water
 for both farm livestock and the
wild animals who live in 
our forest beyond the field.

The new barn is shelter
for a few horses, cows, pigs,
 sheep, goats and barnyard fowl.
Several were placed here by
their owners, others were
 rescued and in need of a home.
Over the years a few were
born here, as breeding is
as natural as it gets!

Spiritually we are in tune
with nature, personally I
worship the Goddess Gaia,
our Mother Earth.

 The Sun shines down on
Her and makes Her fertile,
 together they give us all we need.
 I follow the path of the old
ones, they were wise and cared
 for the Earth and so do I!

 N.Y.S. Not for Profit
Nature Sanctuary